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Hi there! Ai-chan here =)

First thing first: Happy 15th Anniversary to Arashi! Happy 5x15 everyone!

And here's another good news: welcome aboard AF's new Global Moderators, Sarasaki & Tama! Hopefully this forum will be alive again as it was when we celebrated 5x10!

Besides having new Global Mods, this forum has another new stuff: Tagging System! If you want to tag/mention other members, just type @ before their name in a post and they will be notified. Example: @Ai
I hope this function will be useful to everyone =)

Till next time~

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  • Who's your ichiban in Arashi?
  • Dot Matsumoto Jun
  • 125 (13%)
  • Dot Ninomiya Kazunari
  • 193 (20%)
  • Dot Ohno Satoshi
  • 182 (19%)
  • Dot Sakurai Sho
  • 197 (20%)
  • Dot They're all my ichiban!
  • 153 (16%)
  • Dot Aiba Masaki
  • 99 (10%)
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